Let’s create something together

Are you looking to create your startup? Would you like to reinforce your innovations by incorporating excellence from public-sector research? SATT AxLR helps build your project and provides support so your company can be successful.

Incubating your project with AxLR offers many benefits:

  • The expertise of an integrated regional incubator in the south of France
  • A team with extensive experience in entrepreneurial assistance
  • A network of committed shareholders who provide their scientific expertise to strengthen your innovation
  • A network of partners involved with startup assistance and funding

SATT AxLR accelerates your innovative company creation process and funding. We help you reach your target markets. Assistance for up to two years gives you time to progress from the project phase towards becoming a high-potential startup.

We are here to stand by your side!

SATT AxLR offers a variety of services to meet the needs of every project:

  • Evaluation, formalization, and organization of your project
  • Preparation and follow-up on scientific collaborations
  • Advice and orientation on technical, legal, and business aspects
  • Strategic assistance for project leaders/directors
  • Communication strategy
  • Hosting solutions adapted to your project
  • Financial support to cover expenses related to the incubation phase
  • Help to seek funding and prepare fund raising