SATT AxLR specializes in creating pathways to bridge the gap between technologies produced in public-sector research laboratories and the socio-economic world in order to help researchers generate value from their results. SATT AxLR serves as a privileged point-of-contact for researchers on all issues related to technology transfer, intellectual property, and promotion.

From laboratory to prototype, SATT AxLR guides you through all the facets of technology transfer. We stand by your side along every step of the value generation process.

  • Building, assisting, and funding your innovative projects
  • Protecting your inventions, know-how, software, databases, corpus, royalties, and more
  • Transferring innovations from your academic research laboratories to the industrial world
  • Creating your startup

After a project is selected, we provide support across all phases leading to commercialization. There are generally two options:

  • The innovation can lead to the creation of a startup via incubation
  • The innovation can be transferred to an existing company to increase its competitiveness
  • Protecting your inventions
  • Protecting your know-how
  • Protecting your software and databases
  • Protecting your corpus and human and social science results

The first step in an industrial protection process for public-sector research is to fully describe results and know-how. SATT AxLR provides you with a template form based on the nature of the innovation you wish to protect.

  • Protection must be handled before any publication whatsoever. Any premature revelation could jeopardize subsequent patent filing.
  • Contact your establishment’s Promotion department to complete your Invention Declaration or your Software Declaration
  • An Invention Declaration does NOT in any way constitute protection. It is simply a written description.

Regardless of the scientific field, the technical-economic phase in the innovation process during which results are developed – also called “maturation” – is an essential step helping to ensure that a given invention is adapted to the intended industry need before being transferred.

The transfer is finalized by granting a license, offering services to an industry company, or by founding a startup.

SATT AxLR services help with the everyday concerns related to the maturation of projects developed in laboratories. These services support project leaders on every aspect of the development process by providing expertise in project engineering; advice on marketing, regulatory, and legal aspects; and financial support, such as for hiring staff, acquiring basic equipment, services, reagents, and more.

Corresponding to real market conditions, our assistance enables supported projects to attract the interest of industry companies and investors.

Keys steps for getting started

1. Detection

The first contact between SATT AxLR and the project leader regarding a project. Let’s meet each other

2. Evaluation

For all investments under 30 K€, the project is submitted by the project manager for approval by the SATT Executive Board.

3. Selection

All projects representing investment over 30 K€, approved by the SATT Board of Directors are submitted for an opinion by the SATT AxLR Investment Committee. Approval by the Board of Directors is also required for investments over 120 K€.

4. Contract

Support for a project is confirmed by an agreement between SATT AxLR and the public-sector establishment representing the laboratory. The project may begin once this agreement is signed.

5. Technical-economic development

This step is also referred to as the “maturation phase”. Its purpose is to accelerate project development and consolidate intellectual property to maximize chances for transfer. Milestones include deliverables and go/no-go decisions.

6. Transfer

The project may be transferred to an existing company as an operating license, or a startup may be created.

Eligibility conditions

To present a project to SATT AxLR for maturation, the following are required:


AxLR’s role is to support projects with strong innovation and application potential derived from public-sector research establishments in the Mediterranean area of France’s Occitanie region. We assist them in bringing those developments to market.